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Vintage Mummeye Pin Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids Inspired 1980s

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Vintage Mummeye Pin Madballs inspired by Garbage Pail Kids from the 1980s

These Vintage Mummeye Pins are a nostalgic throwback to the popular Madballs craze of the 1980s, drawing inspiration from the iconic Garbage Pail Kids. Standing at 1 1/2" tall, these pins are a collector's dream.

Collectible Series

Madballs were just the beginning! This pin is reminiscent of other quirky series like Whacky Ghoulies, Ugly Balls, Burp Balls, Weird Balls, and Spit Balls. While the specific series may be unknown, one thing is for sure - these pins are undeniably intriguing.

Nostalgic Trend

Although parents and teachers may have disapproved of these fun and wacky characters back in the day, they have now become treasured collectibles. Grab your Vintage Mummeye Pin today and add a touch of retro charm to your collection!


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