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Vintage 1980s Tennis California Raisin Tin Pin Wow the Memories!

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Vintage Tennis California Raisin Tin Pin WOW The Memories! 1980s

1 1/2"

I need to just say WOW again because when I saw these, the memories came flooding back, and I went to YouTube and watched every single Raisin video ever. And let me add, nothing is better than listening to a song sung by a California Raisin!

These are so highly collectible that the Smithsonian makes sure to have a copy of all California Raisin collectibles. Here is an instant collection for you that the Smithsonian, I am sure, would be proud of!

The California Raisins were invented in 1986 and seem to pop up and do events and cameos over the years unbeknownst to me. I've been missing out! I have seen some people say these pins are from the 1970s, but it isn't possible.

I obviously went to the wiki too, so if you want to learn as much about the raisins as I now possess after watching all the videos and reading the wiki, here you go:

The nostalgia and value for these aren't going to go away any time soon so this is a great opportunity to display these as decor or wear them for fun.

Please note the supply that was found of these were in a warehouse all just in big boxes all together for 40 years~ then moved so some might have a mark or blemish. Most who have these list them as new but as you know if you follow me I am meticulous about the condition.

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