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Vintage 1980s New Kids on the Block Band Picture Pin, Boston, MA NKOTB, Pose

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Vintage New Kids on the Block Pin - Jordan Knight, Boston, Massachusetts 1980s NKOTB Pose

Add this cool Vintage New Kids on the Block Pin to your collection! This pin features Jordan Knight from the iconic 1980s boy band, NKOTB. Perfect for fans and collectors alike.

Fun Facts About NKOTB

Did you know that NKOTB was considered the first official modern boy band? The official NKOTB hotline, 1-900-909-5KIDs, received approximately 100,000 calls per week. Back then, the hotline charged $2.99 a minute, bringing in a significant amount of revenue. In 1991, NKOTB topped Forbes' list of highest-paid entertainers, beating out industry giants like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince!

NKOTB - Still Going Strong!

Despite their massive success in the 80s and 90s, NKOTB is still making music! On March 3, 2022, they released the music video "Bring Back the Time," featuring collaborations with Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, and En Vogue. Check out the video .

Fun fact: Before her rise to fame, Jennifer Lopez was once a backup dancer for NKOTB!

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