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Vintage ⚾ 1980s Limited Edition Only 5000 Ever! 1969 NY Mets Postcard

$8.99 $9.99

Looking for a rare and limited piece of baseball memorabilia? Look no further than our Vintage 1980s Limited Edition Only 5000 Ever! 1969 Tommie Agee NY Mets Postcard.🔥

This collectible item commemorates the legendary New York Mets center fielder and Hall of Famer, Tommie Lee Agee, who played from 1962 through 1973. Agee, in the third game of the series, performed two impressive defensive plays in center field to help preserve a Mets victory.

The postcard features beautiful artwork by Susan Rini and measures 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches in size.

With only 5000 ever produced, this limited-edition postcard is a must-have for any serious collector of baseball history.

Celebrate the Miracle Mets' improbable win over the Baltimore Orioles in the 1969 World Series with this unique and rare piece of memorabilia.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of baseball history ⚾ today!

Continue your journey into the past and find more perfect timeless pieces for yourself or a loved one! Others also love this amazing vintage collectible. Another neat collection of rare memorabilia to check out is this one. Always some neat history and fun reading in our .

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