Crazy Cat Lady 5.25-inch Action Figure with 6 cats - Accoutrements

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It used to be an insult, but now people announce with pride that they are crazy cat ladies. The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure honors everyone who loves their many, many kitties to the point of distraction. If you know someone who buys gifts for their fur-babies, has all the catnip-filled accoutrements and has framed pictures of each treasured purr-body on their desk at work, then this Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure might be the perfect present. She’s 5-1/4” tall, made of hard vinyl and, most excitingly, she comes with six cats that you can pose around her. Anyone with multiple cats will find this purr-fectly hiss-terical. The package features a Crazy Cat Lady quiz to help determine the likelihood of you needing this product.

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