Toynami Futurama Amy Action Figure NIB / MOC Incl. Santa Robot Build-a-Bot Part

Toynami Futurama Amy Action Figure - NIB / MOC
 Includes Exclusive Santa Robot Build-A-Bot Part
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This Futurama: Amy Action Figure measures approximately 6-inches tall. Comes packaged in a window display box.
Toynami Futurama Series 6 Amy Wong Action Figure: 
The known child of Leo and Inez Wong, Amy Wong is heir to a vast fortune that includes buggalo ranches, Space Vegas casinos, and the western hemisphere of Mars. As such, she is the wealthiest astrophysics student at Mars University, the richest member of the Kappa Kappa Wong sorority, and the most well-heeled Planet Express intern in a pink sweatsuit. She is also the clumsiest. Although she has been romantically linked to many men and species, she is engaged to be Kif Kroker's smizmar ton ton roo and, though she doesn't really know what that entails, neither does Kif (or anyone, actually) so she's okay with it. Despite cuteness reduction surgery, she remains really, really cute.
Creative Team:
  • Project Director:  George Sohn
  • Sculpture/Mold Tech:  Shin Tanabe, Toi Ogunyoku
  • Paint: Daisuke Fukuda
  • Package Design: FOX
  • Futurama Created by:  Matt Groening
Appropriate for ages 14 and up.
Brand New mint condition. Window box is in excellent condition. Shipped via USPS mail from USA.

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